Why Should You Use TestProject

It is important to pick the right tool for the job when you are trying to create test automation. There are a few factors to consider in picking a tool and so let’s look at a few reasons why you might use TestProject.
  • Easy to get started with. The TestProject recorder is a powerful and easy to use record and playback tool that helps you get started with making tests with a minimal learning curve
  • Full team collaboration. Test automation works best when the whole team is able to work together on the same platform. TestProject makes sharing tests between team members straightforward and simple
  • Extensibility. There is a library of shared addons that are available to help you extend the default capabilities of TestProject. As a team, you can also create your own addons to simplify the work you are doing.
  • Integration into existing workflows. TestProject has an API that you can use to run it within existing continuous integration workflows. It also has a developer SDK that allows you to create tests or to import existing tests that you might have into the platform
  • Cross Browser and Cross Platform. You can create and run mobile tests (Android and iOS) and TestProject can be installed on any platform (Windows, Linux or MacOS). It only takes one simple install to instantly have access to testing on all connected platforms and browsers.
  • Reliable Technology. TestProject uses reliable and proven technology like Selenium and Appium for a robust and well understood way of interacting with web pages.
  • Free! The Free plan that TestProject offers is unparalleled in the world of test automation in terms of the features and capabilities that you get. TestProject is a powerful and fully featured product that anyone can use for free. At TestProject we believe in giving back to the testing community and so we have done everything we can to make sure testers can use this tool.
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