Element Locator

The element locator is a powerful tool for finding the elements that you need. It allows you to try out element locators in a dynamic way. For example, you can easily test your xPath against the DOM to find the most suitable expression.

You can access the Element locator when using the test recorder, by clicking on the Element Locator button.

Element Locator

This will open the element locator. You can then test out xPath, ID or name locators to find a suitable expression. To test out a locator just enter it into the text box and hit the evaluate button. If it is a valid path that represents an element on the screen, TestProject will highlight it for you so that you can see how your selector is working.

Evaluate an Element path

You can use this tool to create better, and more generic xPath expressions to be used in your recorded or coded tests. Remember, better xPath locators make your tests more stable and reduces the need in maintenance.