OpenSDK (v2)

With The OpenSDK v2, users save a bunch of time and enjoy the following benefits out of the box:
  • Open source and available as a Maven dependency / a PyPI project.
  • 5-minute simple Selenium and Appium setup with a single Agent deployment.
  • Automatic test reports in HTML/PDF format (including screenshots).
  • Collaborative reporting dashboards with execution history and RESTful API support.
  • Automatic distribution and deployment of test artifacts in case uploaded to the platform
    • Currently available for C# and Java, and will be available for Python in Q2 2021.
  • Always up-to-date with the latest and stable Selenium driver version.
  • A simplified, familiar syntax for both web and mobile applications.
  • Complete test runner capabilities for both local and remote executions, anywhere.
  • Cross platform support for Mac, Windows, Linux and Docker.
  • Ability to store and execute tests locally on any source control tool, such as Git.


TestProject SDKs are open source! You can find the LICENSE file in the root directory of the source tree for each SDK repository.