What is a TestProject Agent?

The TestProject platform is different than most other testing platforms. Some platforms are fully cloud based and tests are run on devices in the cloud that you do not control. Other platforms merely provide you a way to run tests locally but leave the details of sharing and managing tests and reports up to the end user. TestProject on the other hand has a cloud component where test definitions and setups can be created and shared and where centralized reporting can be done. However, it also lets you fully leverage and use existing devices and gives you full control of them In order to run test on a device you need an agent.
The TestProject agent is a powerful wrapper for Selenium and Appium and with one simple install you instantly have access to all browsers and connected devices on the machine you install it on. The agent is provided as a free download from with the TestProject application. Once you have it installed and setup you are ready to go. You do not need any additional drivers or frameworks to get started. The TestProject agent takes care of consolidating together all the drivers for each browser and setting up Appium in the background so that you can seamlessly use any browser or device.