What is an Addon?

TestProject provides a powerful feature set by default, but sometimes there are addition things that you need to do in a test. This is where addons come into play. An addon is a collection of coded actions you can use within any test to help you get the capability you need for the things you are trying to test. They are stored in TestProject’s collaborative addons library and can shared by the entire community. Addons give you the power to effortlessly extend your recorded and coded tests with reusable actions.

You can also create your own addons that you can share with your team or with the entire TestProject community if you wish. Addons make it easy to customize the actions you have in your tests to exactly fit your team's particular testing needs.

Some examples of popular addons in the library include an addon that allows you to make RESTful API calls, an addon for slack actions and an ADB Wrapper addon that lets you execute android debugging commands on your android device.

There are many other addons available as well, so if you are looking for a particular command or action checkout the addons section of TestProject.

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