XLSX Operations

Documentation for XLSX Operations addon
This addon provides actions for working with XLSX files. You can use this addon to analyze and check XLSX files during your test execution, compare two XLSX, search for values, etc.

Available Actions

Generic Actions (any file)

Wait for file to download
Delete file (if exists)
  • Path is required.

XLSX Actions

Compare two XLSX files
Get cell value
Get column sum
Get column values
Get the row values
Search and replace by value
Search value
Search header index by value
Set cell value
  • All XLSX actions require a path and the path must end with XLSX, for example: "C:\Temp\workbook.xlsx"
  • Sheet is optional, if the sheet is not provided the action will use the first sheet in the workbook by default.
  • All other parameters are required unless they have a default value.
  • Column and row index starts at 1.
  • The result for the operation can be validated on the output field.
  • Search and replace actions will match all the results found in the workbook and should be used cautiously.