Mobile Extensions Addon

One of the things that make TestProject the powerful tool that it is, is the ability to seamlessly create and run mobile tests. The Mobile Extensions addon gives you access to many actions that you can use to make it even easier to create mobile tests.
  • The Double Tap action lets you simulate a double tap on an element
  • The Drag and Drop by Offset action lets you drag an element to a new location by specifying x and y coordinate offsets from the original location
  • The Flick Gesture action lets you simulate a flick in the given direction
  • You can also use Get Orientation to get the current orientation
  • Get package name will give you the name of the current package (Android only)
  • Hide Keyboard allows you to hide the keyboard
  • The Install application action lets you install a given APK onto the device (Android only)
  • You can check the status of different device components (Android only)
    • Is Airplane Mode Enabled?
    • Is Application installed?
    • Is Cellular Data Enabled?
    • Is Screen Locked
    • Is Wifi Enabled
  • You can open notifications with the Open Notifications action (Android Only)
  • The Pinch Gesture action will send a pinch gesture to the given element
  • You can also manipulate files using the Pull File action to pull a file off the android device and onto the local machine and the Push File to Device action to save a file from the given local path in to the specified remote path (Android only)
  • You can set several different states on the mobile device (Android Only)
    • Set Animations
    • Set Network State
    • Set the Airplane mode state
    • Set the Cellular Data State
    • Set the Wifi State
  • The Shake gesture action will simulate shaking the device (iOS only)
  • The Toggle Location Services action will toggle the location services on the device (Android Only)
  • The Type text (using ADB) action will type the given keys into the given element (Android Only)
  • The Uninstall Application action will uninstall the given application from the device (Android Only)
  • The Zoom Gesture action will allow you to simulate zoom gesture on the given element