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Dropbox Actions
As part of the Image Comparison Addon, you can find cool actions to interact with files you have stored in your Dropbox account, such as:
  • List the contents of your Dropbox directory
  • Upload / Delete / Download files from your Dropbox storage
  • Upload documents from Dropbox to web elements
  • Save element screenshots to Dropbox
  • Compare images from Dropbox

How to Get Started with Dropbox Actions?

First, you need to create a free Dropbox account by navigating to their site: https://www.dropbox.com/basic. Once you have a Dropbox account set and ready, you need to create a Generated Access Token to be able to access your Dropbox storage through the TestProject Dropbox Actions Addon. Go to the Dropbox developer section here and create a new app.
Create a New App in Dropbox Developer Section
Configure your settings as follows:
App Settings
In the permissions tab, enable the following settings:
Files and folders permissions
Now, you will have the option to generate a token:
Generated Access Token to Dropbox Storage
This token will need to be inserted into every Dropbox related action, in order to access and interact with files you have stored on your Dropbox.

Example for Using Dropbox Actions with TestProject

The following example will list the contents of my Dropbox root directory:
Dropbox Directory Contents Action - TestProject Addon
We’ve filled in our Dropbox token and “/” as the directory, meaning we'd like to view the contents of our Dropbox root directory.
This is the result: both files created by Dropbox upon registration.
This is just one example of the available Dropbox actions. In the Image Comparison Addon actions you can find additional Dropbox related actions including: uploading, deleting and downloading files from your Storage, saving element screenshots to Dropbox and comparing images from Dropbox.