Get Element Color

This addon provides utility methods for extracting the RGB value that represent the color of an image/element. This done by utilizing visual testing capabilities.


With this addon, you will be able to extract the RGB value that represents the dominant color of an element/screenshot in Web as well as Android and IOS, and if required, to compare with an expected result.

Web and Mobile

Hover over the element ith TestProject recorder, press double shift, then search for Get Color action
You can also input the expected result and compare the desired color
The Action will pass if both RGB values are equal, and will fail either wise.
The output will return the dominant color of the element/image.

Get Color From Local Image

You can utilize the "Get Color From Local Image" action to read the dominant color from locally saved image
The evaluation and result are the same as the element actions, the difference is the source of the image and the type is Action.