TestProject Addons

Available Addons

There are many Addons available in TestProject. Most of these Addons are straightforward to use, but if further information is needed, you can follow the links below to get more details on how each Addon works and why you might use it.


Android Monkey

Android Permissions Manager

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

Element Extensions

Generic Extensions

Geolocation Utils

Get Attribute Value (Mobile)

Get Page Source (Mobile)

HTML Table Actions

iOS Wheel Picker

Image Comparison

JS Actions

Live Currency Converter

Mobile Extensions

Parameters Operations

Reporting Utilities

RESTful API Client

Scroll to Element

Slack Actions

Shell Commands

Swipe and Find Element

Web Extensions

Web Touch Gestures

Random Values From CSV File

CSV Operations

Deep Link Toolkit

Google Authenticaor OTP Automation

Visible Element Operations

Angular Element Actions

Clicks Multiplier

Natural Language Processing Engine

ADB Wrapper

Phone Numbers

Date-Time Operations

Random Data Generator

iOS Network Operations

Random Login Credentials

Numeric Utils

Android Key Events

iOS Screen Orientation

Math Calculations

String Utils

MSSQL Database

MySQL Database

PostgreSQL Database

Oracle Database

Web List Operations

File Uploader

JSON Operations

jQuery - Slider

jQuery - spinner

jQuery - Progressbar

jQuery - Checkboxradio

jQuery -Tabs

jQuery -Dialog

jQuery - Accordian

Foundation - Accordion

Foundation - Pagination

Foundation - Orbit

Foundation - Tabs

KendoUI - Scheduler

KendoUI - Grid

Bootstrap4 - Buttons Group

Bootstrap4 - Dropdown

Tap and Get Toast Message

Teradata Database Addon

Get Element Color

Google Actions