Introduction to Reports in TestProject

The best test in the world doesn't do much good unless you can see what has happened. The whole point of test automation is to be able to quickly understand the state of quality in your application. This is where test reports come in. TestProject has a number of easy to use and understand reports.
These reports can be viewed directly in the TestProject app, or can be downloaded or emailed for sharing more broadly. Reports are automatically generated and are useful for everything from debugging failing tests to helping managers or others understand the state of quality in application under test.
In order to view reports in TestProject go to the Reports menu option at the top of the page.
TestProjects reports give you access to a number of different charts and plots to help you see trends and other interesting data at a glance. You can also view the reports for individual test runs for debugging and investigation purposes. Test that have be automatically corrected using TestProject's self-healing technology will also provide you with information on how the test was corrected.