Deleting old reports

This guide will demonstrate how to delete old reports and screenshots from TestProject platform to free storage quota or for housekeeping purposes

Deleting Reports Manually from TestProject UI

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the reports page
2. Select which Project to view the reports from, by default it will select the current Project
3. You can select the time range to filter the date of the reports, by default it will select the last 30 days.
4. You can see all the Job and single Test executions in the given time range, select the Job you wish to delete the reports from
5. You can then press on which tests to delete, or Select All, then press on Delete

Deleting Reports by Using The Restful API (Bulk Delete)

  1. 1.
    Get or Generate your API key here:
2. Copy the API key.
3. Navigate to the API Swagger here:
4. Authorize your account by clicking on the Authorize button and pasting the API key.
5. Scroll down to Reports or click here:
We have many options to choose on how to delete reports.

Delete all Project and Test Reports

We can delete all the project reports or pick a specific start and end date.
First, we need to get the Project ID:
In your projects page:
Click on the 3 dots near the Project name:
Select COPY ID:
Back in the API Swagger page, paste the Project ID:
In the deleteParameters field, we can decide on which reports we want to delete.
  • From - The date from where to begin deleting reports.
  • To - The date from until to delete the reports.
  • OlderThan - Delete all reports until that date.
To delete all Project reports, just delete "from" and "to", it will automaticlly generate the current date in the "olderThan" field.
Execute the request:
Once it is done, you will see the "200" response, and the reports will be deleted.
In case you are getting 401, make sure you are authorized as seen previously.