Version 3.4.0 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

Open nested tests in the recording session!

You asked - we listened, open test inside a test (nested test) is now available on the recorder session for both Mobile and Web!
  • Added the option to open a test inside a test.
  • Added test 'breadcrumbs' for easy navigation between tests.
  • Updated test visuals and icons.
As usual to edit the test as a step, click on it and navigate to the advanced options. In addition from now on, you can also go into subtests using the 'pencil' (Edit test) option.

iOS Provisioning profile automatic reminder

When uploading a provisioning profile we will take a timestamp and remind you to renew it before it's expired. If you encounter an alert to renew your provisioning profile please do so as fast as possible to prevent issues related to iOS recording/execution in your automation framework.
Find the expiration date on your iOS settings page
Outdated provisioning profiles cannot be used for recording or execution.

Appium 2.0 is out!

Due to high demand from the community, we have made changes in the Agent to support Appium 2.0. Starting this version, Appium is following W3C guidelines for locators, thus you now need to make sure your mobile executions are ready for 3.4.0 as described here.

Headless Edge is here

Starting 3.4.0 the Agent supports automatic detection and execution of headless Edge. This feature includes all of your local Agents and Docker Agents as well.

Other improvements:

  • Test Re-runs have been enabled on Virtual Agents.
  • Restart browser/application will now affect re-runs as well.
  • Updated JSON operations addon to support newer parsing methods.
  • Added data-driven execution using CSV file with format UTF-8 (BOM).
  • Updated addons documentation to include Gradle 7.
  • Added warning message when device web view version is not supported when using JavaSDK.
  • The Agent will now notify the user if the Apple device support driver is not installed.


  • Fixed and improved workers stability.
  • Fixed an issue when execution report links are broken.
  • Fixed data-driven executions that sometimes did not start correctly.
  • Fixed an issue when using a custom locator method that did not always create a new element.
  • Fixed monitor progress % to indicate the correct number when running multiple targets.
  • Fixed an issue with running Android coded tests from the platform.
  • Fixed an issue when using a device for execution, the device could not be used on the python OpenSDK.




  • Secret output fields for secret parameters are now hidden as well in reports.
  • Workers can now decrypt secret parameters values when behind a proxy.
  • Fix an issue when the Agent was failing to read IE browser security setting.
  • TestProject agent can now be started using the command testproject-agent start on macOS.



  • Private parameters no longer appear on subtest in the reports.
  • Secret input and output parameters on subtests are removed from the report.
  • Fixed an issue when using the restart driver flag on Android that caused the execution to fail.
  • Fixed an issue with test imports.
  • Fixed an issue of the execution progress bar on the monitor tab reaching above 100%.


Added Robot Operations Addon. Read the documentation here.