Version 3.3.0 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

New healing capability!

Due to high demand from the community, you can now re-run failed tests in a Job in order to automatically heal the job.

  • You can now re-run tests up to 5 times, each acts as an additional iteration in case the test fails.

  • In case one of the additional re-runs passes, the job will be healed and marked as passed (with the healing icon in the report).

Change Tests Reruns from Job Settings

Web and UI:

  • Optimized execution reporting and Job initialization to better reflect Agent tasks when executing tests. The Agent now reports execution progress in the Monitor section, such as: Downloading App, Data sources, Tests and more.

Added states for reporting progress in Monitor
  • New Agent Overlay - You asked for it we made it! On the top right corner, you will now have access to everything you need to know about your local Agent: from managing workers, viewing all connected devices, and monitoring local test executions - all in one click!

See Executions Devices and Workers from one place


  • Improved execution and queueing.

  • Improved Jobs to start instantly when there are free workers.

External API:

  • Job healing is now added in the external API and test reruns value can be used from there as well.

  • We have added screenshots to the Junit format reports on our external API.

  • Improved documentation on agent status "201" from external API (The agent has no available workers. Execution is queued).

Agent Registration:

  • Improved Agent registering sequence.

  • Optimize Agent registration for slow networks.


  • Added support for Recording and Mirroring Android 12 devices.

  • When importing tests from one Project to another Project, if the element contains identical locators - the elements will merge instead of creating a copy.



  • Fixed Android Emulator sometimes showing the wrong name.

  • Fixed issues with executing tests on Edge in Mac machines.

  • Fixed "Appium server is not running" error message when trying to execute mobile tests.

  • Fixed issue with running coded tests after running data-driven tests.

  • Fixed BrowserStack not showing device type on the reports.

  • Fixed "Failed to start WDA" when using XCode simulators.


  • Fixed Swipe to Element (Up) on Android.

  • Fixed File Operation not creating a file when the flag "create file" is set to true.

  • Fixed String Contains Addon: now when "ExpectedResult" field is left blank, it will be set to false as default.