Version 3.3.0 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

New healing capability with Test Re-Run!

Due to high demand from the community, you can now re-run failed tests in a Job in order to automatically heal the job.
  • You can now re-run tests up to 5 times, each acts as an additional iteration in case the test fails.
  • In case one of the additional re-runs passes, the job will be healed and marked as passed (with the healing icon in the report).
Change Tests Reruns from Job Settings

Web and UI:

  • Optimized execution reporting and Job initialization to better reflect Agent tasks when executing tests. The Agent now reports execution progress in the Monitor section, such as: Downloading App, Data sources, Tests and more.
Added states for reporting progress in Monitor
  • New Agent Overlay - You asked for it we made it! On the top right corner, you will now have access to everything you need to know about your local Agent: from managing workers, viewing all connected devices, and monitoring local test executions - all in one click!
See Executions Devices and Workers from one place
Testing on New Operating System Versions
  • Android 12 is supported - Before everyone else, we've added support for Recording and Mirroring Android 12 devices! Stay ahead of the game and make sure your Android apps are ready for the official Android release (Psst! We hear they are going to release it on October 4th).
  • iOS 15 is supported - Apple just had their official annual event, announcing among others their new OS version: iOS 15. We're ready just in time with support for the latest version, so you can kick-off your iOS testing to its fullest power, and make sure your apps run smoothly on the new OS version!


  • Improved execution and queueing.
  • Improved Jobs to start instantly when there are free workers.

External API:

  • Job healing is now added in the external API and test reruns value can be used from there as well.
  • We have added screenshots to the Junit format reports on our external API.
  • Improved documentation on agent status "201" from external API (The agent has no available workers. Execution is queued).
Agent Registration:
  • Improved Agent registering sequence.
  • Optimize Agent registration for slow networks.


  • When importing tests from one Project to another Project, if the element contains identical locators - the elements will merge instead of creating a copy.



  • Fixed Android Emulator sometimes showing the wrong name.
  • Fixed issues with executing tests on Edge in Mac machines.
  • Fixed "Appium server is not running" error message when trying to execute mobile tests.
  • Fixed issue with running coded tests after running data-driven tests.
  • Fixed BrowserStack not showing device type on the reports.
  • Fixed "Failed to start WDA" when using XCode simulators.


  • Fixed Swipe to Element (Up) on Android.
  • Fixed File Operation not creating a file when the flag "create file" is set to true.
  • Fixed String Contains Addon: now when "ExpectedResult" field is left blank, it will be set to false as default.




  • Rerun Tests will now restart the session on every Rerun if restart between sessions is selected on the job settings.
  • Fixed an issue with running a test offline with an unregsitered agent.
  • The agent will now validate the Appium version.


  • Fixed execution and recording for iOS version 14.8.1
  • Added support for iOS version 15.1