Version 3.0 - Release notes

New Features and Improvements

Time is Money - Parallel execution is what we've all been waiting for! It is a very powerful feature, that can take your test automation a huge leap forward by reducing the testing time significantly. From now on, you can run your tests in parallel to save precious time. TestProject agent will spawn multiple browsers at the same time, or run tests on several devices that are connected to it. It will also work on BrowserStack and Sauce Labs (based on your plan). Read the detailed docs here or check out the official announcement blog here.
The Best Monitor Ever - We've revised TestProject monitor to make it much sleeker and informative. The new monitor also supports the awesome parallel execution feature, just click on a currently running test/job to see extra details for all running devices and browsers.
It's Mine - Account owners can now transfer ownership to any other admin in their account. If you choose to transfer ownership to a non-admin, it can also be done and the targeted user will become an admin. Don't worry, we will ask for confirmation each step of the way.
History is Important - The much anticipated GitHub integration is here! You can now synchronize entire projects to GitHub (each project will become a private repo). Once you do that, all tests in these projects are being tracked in the background and will create a new GIT version on any change. You can then easily access this history to download it as a YAML test file to run it using our CLI or re-import it to TestProject, it's really up to you. Visit your respective repo to see what was changed between the various versions. This integration also allows you to pull your tests directly from your CI tool if this is what you are looking for. Here are the complete docs.
Performance - In addition to all the new features, we've made some major tweaks to improve platform performance and stability. We will always continue adjusting and enhancing the platform to make it even greater and faster.



  • CSV Operations - Addon was breaking the file in rare cases.
  • CSV Operations - Export to JSON had incorrect column order.
  • Random Value from CSV - Generated null exception for some files.
  • Web List Operations - Click on list item with a specific text no longer fails on Safari browsers.
  • Web Extensions - Context-click on element returned null pointer exception.
  • JSON Operations - Extract multiple JsonPaths was failing for null values.


  • Fixed account deactivation issues.
  • Project duplication no longer fails for large projects. Please note that the process may still take some time to finish.
  • Searching elements will now yield results from subfolders.


  • The Recorder was freezing when opening a new tab.
  • White spaces are now fully reflected in recorder steps.
  • Fixed minor UI issues in mobile recorder element locator.
  • "Agent is already" message was randomly appearing during recording sessions.


  • Running jobs on BrowserStack got stuck in Initializing state for a long time.
  • Once in a while, reports were not uploaded immediately.
  • Fixed failure to install .ipa on simulator - Connection reset.
  • Internet Explorer driver was failing to initialize.
  • Device mirroring was disconnecting during a recording session in some edge cases.
  • Running on some Safari versions was failing due to driver issues.
  • In some cases, the agent was not recognizing the correct MacOS version.
  • iOS physical devices mirroring sometimes flickered at the beginning of a recording session.


  • SDK executions were not reporting until agent restarts.
  • Sometimes "ghost tests" (not actual, step-less tests) were being reported as skipped.


  • Some executions were shown as Initializing in the monitor.
  • Fixed error: Failed to load native library:jansi - Access is denied.


  • Job/Test execution state was returning 500 for some agent versions. This was impacting the Jenkins and TeamCity plugins as well.


  • Python code generation was failing sometimes.
  • Python code for steps with multi-line comments generates properly.


  • PDF reports now have improved image quality for included screenshots.
  • Fixed some UI issues for data-driven execution reports.
  • Generating PDF reports from imported YAML files no longer fails.


  • 3.0.1
    • Added support for simulators on Xcode 12.5
  • 3.0.2
    • Fixed a conflict happening when parallel execution use the same addon
  • 3.0.3
    • Fixed problem with tests containing addons that were failing on dockers and the virtual agent.
    • Fixed aborted execution reports that were interfering with the upload of reports of other finished executions.
  • 3.0.4
    • Fixed an issue with project parameters that were not getting updated after execution.
    • Fixed issue with only one browser appears in reports for tests running on multiple browsers when using C# OpenSDK.
    • Fixed addon execution failures case when curly brackets were present in action parameters.
    • Fixed execution failure occurring when a nested test is disabled.
    • Reduced the frequency of new Agent version popup appearance to only once per day.
  • 3.0.5
    • Fixed issue with screenshots missing in the local HTML report
    • Fixed wrong execution progress percentage is shown above 100%
    • Fixed findElements() command showing as failed when no elements yielded.
    • Improved network addons performance.
    • Improved execution progress refresh time.
    • Fixed issue with dynamic locators using parameters when executing YAMLs.
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