Version 0.62 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • PDF Greatness - This was long time coming. In addition to the summary PDF reports, you can now generate detailed reports that will contain all the steps with all the extra data that you see in the web reports. Just navigate to the desired report and choose one of the options to download your PDF report.
  • Multi-Select - We've enhanced test multi selection, introducing the intermediate state. When only some of the visible tests are selected, it will be indicated properly. In addition to that, we've added the multi-select option to the elements section to help managing your element repository more easily.
  • qTest Integration - We've enhance our integration with qTest. If you use nested tests in TestProject, your tests will be connected in qTest as well. The step in the parent test has a link that navigates to the nested test in qTest
  • Latest Runs Info - TestProject monitor already provides a lot of important information about your past, present and future executions. In this version we've added two more bits of information in the Latest Runs section. Hovering over the agent name will display its version and machine name. Hovering over the start time will show you who triggered that execution.


TestProject Plugin for Jenkins

Our already cool plugin for Jenkins has become even more awesome! With the new version you can take your CI/CD pipelines to the next level.
The new capabilities include:
  • Enhance Job Execution - You can now provide additional execution parameters when using the plugin to run TestProject jobs and easily override the data which is used when running your tests.
  • JUnit - As part of the execution, just provide a location where to store your JUnit report of the execution. Then just use the JUnit plugin for Jenkins to display report details and trending charts inside the Jenkins build job.
  • Mobile App Distribution - Want to test a new version of your Android/iOS application? No problem! Just use the new command to upload your new APK/IPA to TestProject in one simple step. Just run your tests afterwards and the new version of your app will be distributed and installed on the tested devices.
  • Web App Location - In some cases users dynamically generate web app URLs in their testing environments. In cases like this, the new plugin allows you to update a TestProject web app URL. When your web test will run, the navigation will take then to the newly generated URL.
  • Data-Driven Heaven - It is now possible to update your TestProject data source in one command. This provides the capability to generate whatever data you need and update it before running your Data-Driven tests.
  • Project Parameters - We've added an option to quickly update your project parameters during the CI job. You can, for example, update user credential parameters that are used in your tests in case they dynamically change on each build.
  • I Love to Code - Some of you prefer to use our SDKs to create coded tests as they provide greater level of freedom. Using the new plugin, Jenkins can update the code artifacts in your TestProject account to make sure the latest version of your tests are used when your test cycle is executed.
  • Docker is your Friend - If you manage your own docker environment, you can now generate configuration for TestProject docker agents in order to seamlessly spin-up containers.
All plugin commands support both FreeStyle and Pipeline syntax (except the tpAgentConfig command)


  • HTML Table Actions - With this addon you will be able to perform various test actions on HTML Tables such as: click on specific cell, get text from specific cell, read the entire table, create CSV file from table and more.
  • Android calls and SMS - With this addon you will be able to simulate incoming calls and SMS messages. This addon is only applicable for Android emulators.
  • Chrome Print Dialog - With this addon you can automate the Print dialog window in the Chrome browser. The actions are:
    • Accept print option, that will trigger default selected printing option.
    • Decline and close print dialog window.

Agent & SDKs

  • Support for Proxy with Self-Signed Certificate - Following this release, Agents will detect these cases asking for an approval to accept the self signed certificate and will be able to communicate trough the proxy.
  • iOS Stability - iOS communication protocol has been rewritten, improving stability.
  • Connectivity - Agent will stop if it fails connecting to TestProject server upon startup.


  • Job Execution Parameters – We've enhanced the job run endpoint to allow passing various parameters for the execution. You can now easily control entire environments by overriding not only browsers/devices or the executing agent, but also data sources that are used for the execution. You can also provide full sets of project and test parameters to be used during the execution. This option allows you to run the same job at the same time on different agents with different sets of parameters without the need to duplicate your jobs.
  • Job Tests - The new test update endpoint will enable you to reorganize tests in your jobs as well as control their failure behavior and used data source.
  • Job Scheduling – You can now create/update/remove job schedule information through our API.



  • Chrome browser was not properly detected on various operating systems.
  • In some variations of Ubuntu agent was failing to install.
  • Fixed a bug that caused iOS devices to stop responding over time when not used.


  • Get mobile device information was returning HTTP 400 response in most cases.
  • In some cases overriding the agent when executing a job was not working.
  • JUnit reports now have a standard format.
  • When updating a new version of a coded test package a false error about missing application id was returned in some cases.

Coded Tests

  • Action validation fields are now represented correctly in the code.
  • When uploading a corrupted ZIP archive, a proper message is now displayed.


  • “Hide Keyboard” action will now function properly in all cases.
  • Cloud browsers were not displaying new available versions.
  • Cloud executions sometimes got stuck in an “Initializing”.
  • Failed scheduled jobs will no longer send failure emails/slack with "Unknown" agent label.
  • Parameters were not overwritten in some specific cases when used in nested tests.
  • When using an empty data source, no failure report was available.


  • When reordering tests in a job, the new order was not always saved.
  • Renaming an app was causing the associated element folder to become lowercase.
  • A proper message is now being displayed when deleting multiple tests that are used in other tests.
  • Some test parameters were not deleted as requested.


  • Android applications sometime failed to launch after the recorder was restarted.
  • Element inspector was not always able to read all elements of some iOS applications.
  • Orientation of iOS devices will no longer randomly change in some rare cases.
  • Recorder was failing to capture some elements in specific cases.


  • PDF reports no longer have their screenshots cut in the middle.

Supported Browsers

Installed Browsers

  • Chrome 77+
  • FireFox 60+
  • Safari 12+
  • Edge 44+
  • Internet Explorer 11

Sauce Labs Browsers

  • Chrome 75+
  • FireFox 60+
  • Safari 12+
  • Edge 44+
  • Internet Explorer 11

Supported Devices

  • Android: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 10.0
  • iOS: 10 - 13
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