Version 0.59 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • API – We’ve added support for project parameters. You can now easily GET, POST, PUT and DELETE project parameters via the API. These capabilities can allow you for example to update some global project parameters prior to executing a job from your CI pipeline.
  • Monitor – Minor UI updates. When new items appear in the latest & upcoming monitor sections, they are now briefly highlighted to allow easy identification.
  • Projects – Due to the fact that deleting a project is an irreversible operation, we’ve added an additional confirmation step to prevent unintentional deletions.


  • Addons - Trending addons were sometimes displaying duplicates.
  • Agents – In some cases agents failed to detect certain mobile devices.
  • Chat – We’ve added the option to temporary minimize our chat icon in case it is obscuring some parts of the UI.
  • Code Generation – Fixed generation of java code for some tests.
  • Execution – Backslashes were removed from data source files when executing.
  • Execution - Steps were reported as "Failed" instead of "Skipped" when agent is being closed while executing a test/job.
  • Execution - Test execution gauge wasn’t disappearing when test is aborted.
  • Execution - Wrong error message was displayed when executing iOS tests when apple account is not configured.
  • Jobs - Tests count was not updated after deleting a test from outside a job.
  • Projects - After creating a new project it was not appearing in the projects list until a refresh.
  • Recorder - iOS DOM parsing was incomplete in case it contained labels with multiple line brakes.
  • Recorder - iOS recorder failed to save elements (from the context menu) in some case.
  • Recorder - Searching for "text" was returning empty results sets.
  • Recorder – Searching for elements was yielding no results in some rare cases.
  • Reports – Device names was truncated for long device names.
  • Reports - Execution count is now being updated when deleting reports.
  • Reports – Jobs with many tests were not displayed properly.
  • Reports – Long test names were truncated in generated PDF reports.
  • Reports – Project with long names were displayed incorrectly in Firefox browser.
  • Reports – Reports now appear almost instantly when execution is finished even if the report has large number of attachments.
  • Reports - Safari browser icon was not shown in generated reports.
  • Reports - Sometimes failure/success messages were not shown in reports.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 79
  • FireFox 70
  • Safari 12
  • Edge 44
  • Internet Explorer 11

Supported Devices

  • Android: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 10.0
  • iOS: 10 - 13
Last modified 3yr ago