Version 0.57 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • A Brand New Monitor - The formally Job Monitor was redesigned from the ground up to provide a real-time picture of all your past, present and future automation activities. Among other cool stuff you will find some basic statistics, previous executions and all the upcoming jobs that are scheduled to run. In addition to the real-time info, we've added simple shortcuts for you to quickly see reports, re-run tests and jobs in one click and many other cool additions. In addition to that hovering over the Monitor top menu will provide you with a quick glance on current and upcoming executions.
  • Web Element explorer - We've all come to know and love the mobile element explorer that is available in the TestProject recorder since version 0.49. We are happy to say that following several requests from the community we've added the same great explorer for web applications as well. You are welcome to use it to better inspect elements and DOM structure in your web tests like you are used to in Mobile.
  • Easy Job Scheduling - We've made job scheduling easier than ever! Click on the
    to directly open the job scheduler. Choose On Demand for to disable scheduling, One Time to schedule a single future execution or Recurring to run your job multiple times in the future. When the job is scheduled, the icon will be colored and hovering over it will show you when the next execution is due. By the way, scheduled jobs can still be triggered manually or using the API.
  • Job info - We've updated the job list information. You can now clearly see how many tests & browsers/devices the job has alongside with the designated agent. Hover over to see the list of defined browsers/devices.
  • Critical Tests - We've added a useful new feature to our jobs. You can now define what happens if a test in your job fails. Just click on the [ICON] to set test behavior in a job. By default, if the test fails the job will continue to the next test in line. You can also choose to skip all other tests and continue to the next browser/device or to entirely abort job execution. If a test has other than default definition, it will be indicated with a respective color strip on the left of the test (hover over it to see some info).


  • Addons - Failed to upload C# addon in some cases.
  • Addons – Some small UI fixes when creating/updating addons.
  • Agents - Agent was not starting under Windows 8.1.
  • Agents - Corporate proxy SSL certificates were in some cases preventing agent registration.
  • Agents – Deleted agents no longer appear as idle in local agent indication icon.
  • Agents - Failed to mirror New iOS device from recorder.
  • Code Generation – Fixed issues that were preventing code generation in some cases.
  • Code Generation - Missing using statement when using addon on C# generated test
  • Execution - "Invert step result" was not working as expected on Android recorded test.
  • Execution – Device authorized\de-authorized state will now always be reflected in devices list when executing.
  • Execution - Step that failed a condition and had “invert result” caused following steps to skip.
  • Execution – Test execution progress Icon was stuck during and after execution in rare cases.
  • Execution - Web tests on iOS sometimes stopped running after several consecutive executions.
  • Recorder - "Navigate back" action was sometimes recorded event if no actual navigation occurred.
  • Recorder - Failed executing sub test while recording
  • Reports - Coded Test details in some cases were not fully reported.
  • Reports – In some cases first step were reported as skipped.
  • Reports – PDF reports had malformed text in some cases.
  • Reports - Screenshot was displayed incorrectly.
  • Reports - Step Conditions are now reported in all scenarios if defined.
  • Reports – Step error message will display parameters in a well formatted way.
  • Reports – Steps that were skipped due to failure, no longer appear as "Disabled".
  • Reports - Success ratio in exported PDF reports were sometimes inconsistent with the number in the full report.
  • Reports - Validation types are no longer shown as acronyms.
  • Reports – When expanding last steps some of the details were obstructed.
  • Reports – When selecting custom date range the pie chart will not be shown when no data in the selected range.
  • Test Editor – Actions list is hidden is some cases by steps widget.
  • Test Package – After Test Package is uploaded it was not appearing in the folder until refresh.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 78
  • FireFox 70
  • Safari 12
  • Edge 44
  • Internet Explorer 11

Supported Devices

  • Android: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 10.0
  • iOS: 10 - 13
Last modified 3yr ago