Version 0.53 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Hybrid application indicator - When recording hybrid applications an indicator is now shown.
  • Advanced input for mobile applications - Clicking on text boxes while in mobile recorder will now display a smart input box allowing some additional operations:
    • Click the text box before typing text.
    • Send an ENTER after typing text.
    • Display a multi-line input.
  • Saving located element - It's now possible to create an element from the Element Locator recorder tool.
  • Addon details now display the supported element types for each element action.
  • Test columns are now resizable:
  • Added folder search option - You can now quickly search for test and element folders:
  • Test documents - You can easily export your test document and a manual test template to an Excel document from the test context menu, read more regarding manual test template export here.
  • Parameter auto generation - When adding steps that use a sub-test, you will now have an option to automatically create all input parameters of the used test in the current test to allow passing data all the way to the sub-test. You can save a lot of time by no longer needing to create all the parameters by yourself.
  • Download Reports - We've added an option to download your job or test reports in a PDF format for use outside of TestProject. The report contains a summary of the execution as well as details of failed steps including the captured screenshots. Just go to the desired report and click the
    Download Report
    link to start the download.
  • Folder move - Click the
    Folder Move
    icon while hovering above a test folder or an element folder and choose where you want to move the folder to.
  • Development token - You can now refresh your development key. Just go to the developers section in your TestProject account, click on the "Developer Key" option and then on the refresh icon on the right of the key.
  • Addon proxies - It is now possible to generate Java & C# Addon proxy regardless of the language that the Addon was developed in.
  • Floating device view - Now when you open a device mirror view, it will stay open when you navigate in the platform. The device view will close only if you close it by yourself or enter TestProject recorder.
  • Reporting stability - Improved execution stability for agents with poor internet connectivity.


  • Is Displayed action now displays correct message in case of step failure.
  • Fixed issue where application settings could not be updated in some cases.
  • iOS swipe action is now working as expected on device mirroring after a recording session.
  • Test execution progress bar no longer remains stuck when an iOS device is disconnected during execution.
  • Recorder Element Locator now displays correct text attribute when the element contains a " character.
  • Recorder evaluation of HTML escaped attributes is working properly.
  • Recent Activity minor UI issues were corrected.
  • "Long press" android gesture action now works as expected.
  • Corrected a small Agent installation issues that was displaying an incorrect message.
  • Fixed several issue with Java/C# Code generation.
  • In some rare cases first step was missing from the reports. This is no longer the case.
  • List of tests in a job report can now be scrolled on any screen resolution.
  • Fixed Chrome Web Recorder doesn't open on Linux issue that was occurring on some Linux versions.
  • The "Type text" action now properly handles multi-line.
  • Execution of C# proxy actions in Java coded tests is possible.
  • Last Report link was navigating to the incorrect execution in some cases.
  • Search Folders option will now search the entire folder tree.
  • Reports will now display input & output parameters and values for inner tests.
  • Inner test failure now shows the failure reason when executed during a recording session.
  • Extra Enter is no longer added when pasting text with more than one line.
  • In some cases XPath of generated elements was starting with "///" instead of "//".
  • AccessibilityID is now shown in the recorder's attributes list of the element.
  • In some cases running an iOS job on 2 devices was failing to start on the second device.
  • Fixed a bug causing "Get text" action to fail on Android when the field is empty.
  • Application information no longer missing when executing Web tests on Mobile devices.
  • "Long Press" gesture action failed to work in some scenarios and now works as expected.


  • Added 'By' property to AddonHelper class to be used when element is not immediately available.
  • Fixed - C# Runner does not report result of code block.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 75
  • FireFox 67
  • Safari 12
  • Edge 44
  • Internet Explorer 11

Supported Devices

  • Android: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 9.0 (Pie)
  • iOS: 10 - 12
Last modified 3yr ago