Version 0.52 - Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Stability - Improvements to automation stability. TestProject agent was enhanced to better support various browsers and mobile devices.
  • iOS Support - iOS 12.3 is now officially supported.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades - Upgraded Selenium and Appium to latest versions. Geco, Chrome & IE drivers were updated to versions 0.24, 2.46 & 3.14 respectively.
  • Multiple Test Operations - Multi-selection is now supported when adding tests to a job. Select multiple tests and drag then into the desired job. Deleting/Moving several tests to a different folder is also supported. Use the "Shift" key to select groups of tests.
  • API - Added support for creating / updating applications using the TestProject API (Pro). This allows to easy intergration with CI/CD tools for distribution of new mobile applications before executing your automated tests.
  • Sorting - Test sorting is now supported. You can combine it with the search option to quickly find what you are looking for.


  • Send Keys action no longer fails with value "ENTER" on some browsers.
  • Web tests can now be executed on iOS 12.2/3 devices.
  • Fixed some malfunctioning C# SDK actions.
  • Enahnced error messages when trying to execute web tests on mobile Safari with disabled Remote Automation.
  • Validating web elements will now evaluate HTML escape characters as well.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases iOS jobs were failing due to Appium session errors.
  • In some rare cases, reports were showing incorrect pass/fail percentage.
  • Android example tests were not compiling on some IDEs.
  • Fixed various issues related to test code generation.
  • In some cases job notifications were not sent.
  • NavigateToUrl action was failing sometimes.
  • Russian text is now displayed properly.
  • Improved Contains Text action error messages.


  • Deprecated SDK v1 - Development with SDK v1 is no longer possible, but addons/tests using v1 SDK will continue to work.
  • Parameters - Fields annotated as parameters are now restricted to native Java types.
Last modified 3yr ago