Version 0.50 - Release Notes


  • Steps list does not expand out of the screen boundaries on low resolution displays.
  • A message is displayed when deleting a used element type.
  • Test execution progress is updated when iOS device disconnects during execution.
  • Fixed multiple issues with executing Web tests on iOS devices.
  • Hide keyboard action works as expected on the numeric keyboard of iOS devices.
  • In some cases, the "Contains Text" action did not work as expected.
  • XPATH with a "text()" function did not locate some elements.
  • Some actions failed to run when step default timeout parameter was set to 0ms.
  • Addons quick search was inconsistent in rare cases.
  • An error message is now displayed when Addon proxy cannot be downloaded.

Improvements and New Features

  • Slack Integration is now available in TestProject. Visit the Web Hooks section in your account and click the
    button to add the TestProject Slack App into your Slack organization. You will have to authorize and choose the desired channel to receive TestProject notifications. Once done, you can send job execution summary notifications directly into your Slack.
  • When Addons are used in steps, an indication icon is now displayed. Hovering over the icon will show Addon summary.
  • Waiting for element visibility. To improve test stability, TestProject agent will now wait until the desired element is visible and not only present before interacting. This prevents unnecessary random failures during execution.
Last modified 3yr ago