Version 0.49 - Release Notes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Pasting styled text to an action field keeps the style.
  • In some rare cases, non-unique XPATH is generated for some elements.
  • Invalid URLs can sometimes be used when creating a web application.
  • Swipe gesture action does not work on iOS devices.
  • Improved speed for opening iOS recording sessions.
  • Element locator does not mark some evaluated elements correctly on mobile platforms.
  • Can't switch keyboard from letters to numbers and vice versa when recording iOS tests.
  • Local Storage actions fail without an error message.
  • Failure to upload iOS certificate when configuring Apple account information on Edge browser.
  • In some cases, the mobile element inspector is displayed outside the viewport.
  • Inner elements detected incorrectly by the element inspector.
  • Element explorer displays custom element types instead of the native element types.
  • Action result message is displayed incorrectly in test editor/recorder.
  • Some minor fixes for IE execution.
  • New project parameters are not automatically shown after creation.

New Features

  • TestProject API was enhanced and now has additional actions among many other already available. It is now possible to create and update jobs, upload coded test packages and assign tests (coded or recorded) to jobs.
  • Mobile element explorer - We've added a great and very intuitive Element Explorer for mobile applications. You can now easily browse through the DOM of your application and get to any element to see it's location and attributes!
  • When using the multiple select option in steps list, hold down SHIFT to select several steps at once. When not in a multi-select mode, click a step while holding the SHIFT key to activate multi-select.
  • You can now duplicate existing elements to easily expand and maintain your element repository!
Last modified 3yr ago