Invite your team
After signing in, you will need to install and setup an Agent so that you can start using the powerful features TestProject has to offer.
TestProject offers several ways to collaborate with teammates or others. If you want to work closely with teammates on a project you can invite them to create their own free user under as part of your account. Alternatively, they can create their own account and you can share links to specific tests with them.
if you are planning to collaborate, it is best practice to create a single account and invite everyone in your team to your account, instead of creating multiple accounts.

Invite Teammates

One of the key features of TestProject is team collaboration. By inviting teammates to your account, you can share all of your testing assets: agents, test cases, data sources, reports, applications, etc.
To add a new team member, click on the share center option at the top of the page:
Invite your team using the Share Center
Type in your team member's email address and click Next. You will be presented with the options for granting permission for your team member. You can restrict him/her to specific projects, or grant him/her administrator rights. Once you have finished setting permissions, click on the Finish button.
Set Invite Options
That's it! Your team member will get an email with a link to join your account and can complete the process by clicking that link to create a password to log in.
Getting the error message: "This email already in use"? Please follow any of these 3 options for a quick fix.

Sharing Tests

In order to share tests with someone, go to that test in the project viewer and click on the menu item beside it. You can then choose the Share Test option.
Sharing Tests
Enter the email addresses of those you want to share the test with and then click on the Share button. Review the terms of service and if they are acceptable, click on the I agree button and your contacts will be emailed a link to the test.
You can also create publicly sharable links to a test. You can do that on the Share Test panel by copying the link, or by using the Get Direct Link option on the menu.
Sharing Tests
Note that this option allows for sharing individual tests. To share and work on the same project you should invite the user to your account as explained above.