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Creating an Account
In order to use TestProject, you will need to have an account. Creating an account is simple and free. In order to get started, go to the TestProject main page and click on the Free Sign Up button or sign up using your favorite social account.
Signup For TestProject
On the signup page, enter in your email address, name and set a password. You can also include your company name if you want. Once you agree to the license terms and click on the signup button, you will have your free account ready to use!
Sign up form
After signing in, you will need to install and setup an Agent so that you can start using the powerful features TestProject has to offer.
TestProject also offers several ways to collaborate with teammates or others. If you want to work closely with teammates on a project you can invite them to create their own free account. Alternatively you can share links to specific tests or projects.
Last modified 5mo ago
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