Available Validations
A test that doesn't check things isn't much of a test, and so TestProject provides a number of quick validations to check that things are as they should be. The table below outlines the list of built in validations available in test project and what they each do.
Validation Name
Validation Summary
Contains text?
Checks if an element contains the given text
Is clickable?
Check if element is clickable
Is enabled now?
Checks if an element is enabled (no waiting timeout allowed)
Is invisible?
Checks if an element is invisible or not on the Screen/DOM
Is present?
Checks if an element is present on the Screen/DOM
Is selected now?
Checks if an element is selected (no waiting timeout allowed)
Is selected?
Checks if an element is selected
Is visible?
Check if element is visible (and has width/height > 0)
Select allows multiple selection?
Checks whether this select element support selecting multiple options at the same time
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