Can I execute tests on real devices and on emulators?

Sure! With TestProject you can connect your physical devices (both Android and iOS) via a USB cable and connect right away! You can also use Android emulators or iOS Simulators if you’d like.

Can I automate iOS tests on Windows?

Yes! TestProject enhances Appium’s driver and enables you to easily run iOS test automation on Windows operating system, without the need for macOS or Xcode! All you need to do is follow our step-by-step tutorial to get started.

How can I collaborate with my teammates?

With TestProject you can easily collaborate with your teammates all around the globe, as long as you are all connected to the same account. We do not require any special tunnels, VPN or proxy. Go ahead, add your colleagues to your account and start sharing tests and executing them anywhere.

Does TestProject support external integrations?

Yes, TestProject exposes a RESTful API which allows you to easily schedule and trigger automation, get status and retrieve testing results. The API is particularly useful when you build your CI pipeline and use TestProject as a centralized test automation execution grid. This management API is auto-enabled for all TestProject accounts. Here you can find our dynamic API documentation.
In addition, if you are using Jenkins for your CI/CD flows, we also have a simple plugin for that. Here’s a tutorial that will help you through the process of setting TestProject-Jenkins integration:
We have many more built-in integrations you can explore in the Integrations section in this Docs.

What is an Agent?

TestProject Agent is a cross-platform local desktop automation component that communicates with TestProject’s cloud testing repository and is responsible for local test execution.
This allows for a highly collaborative environment where you have Agents installed on local machines that allow you to run, develop and share tests on any web browser or device (Android or iOS). These tests are then stored in a shared testing repository where team members can work together on running and maintaining them.
We make sure to always keep the TestProject Agent up to date with the latest tools, drivers and SDKs required for your test automation. All you need to do is download and install the Agent in a simple installation process on any of your favorite operating systems (Windows, Linux or macOS).
Watch how to easily setup your Agent here:

Can I use more than one Agent?

You can have as many Agents as you want!
On each machine you can have only one Agent installed. However, you can install Agents on mulitple machines (physical or virtual), connect these Agents to your account and manage them through TestProject’s web application.
This way you can easily collaborate with your teammates or clients from all across the globe and share projects, tests, jobs, UI elements, addons and any other component that will help your teammates create better tests in less time.
You can also invite an unlimited number of users to your account. Users can execute tests on any registered Agent to their account, view reports and edit tests.

How many devices can I connect to a single Agent?

You can connect as many devices as you want to a single machine/Agent.

Can I use TestProject without an Agent?

It depends on your needs. The TestProject Agent is the component which enables you to record, develop and locally execute tests. If you simply want to view tests & reports, edit tests or even execute tests on remote Agents – you do not need to have an Agent installed.

What are the benefits of a locally installed Agent?

With an installed Agent you get the flexibility to execute your test automation on your own hardware and your local (or remote) testing environments, without any additional costs.

Can I install an Agent on virtual machines?

Yes. You can install multiple Agents across virtual machines.

What are addons?

Addons are pieces of code that implement automation actions. Shared by our community, addons give you the power to effortlessly extend your recorded or coded tests, reduce maintenance and save a lot of valuable time.
All of the addons are stored in TestProject’s collaborative addons library. The access to the addons library is free for all TestProject users, without any additional payment.
You can choose whether you want to develop new addons for your individual needs, or you can use existing addons that have already been developed and shared by fellow experts around the globe. Read more about our addons here.

How easily can I port my existing tests to TestProject?

Very easily! TestProject’s SDK is based on standard Selenium APIs, which makes the development of new tests or porting existing ones easy and straightforward. Read more about our SDK here.

How can I secure test parameters?

TestProject has a “Secret Parameter” feature built in the smart test recorder that allows storing sensitive information in an encrypted state.

What is stored in the cloud?

The only parts that are stored in the cloud are your tests, reports, elements and addons, which are all saved in a secured server. This way you can easily manage your tests and collaborate with teammates. However, since the TestProject Agent is a local component installed on your machine, everything runs locally and you get the flexibility to execute your test automation on your own hardware and your local (or remote) testing environments, without any additional costs.