Running a Web Test on a Mobile Device

In this guide you will get to know how to run a Web Test on a Mobile browser.
Note: Web tests on mobile browsers are supproted only for the native browsers, Safari for IOS and Chrome for Android.

Running a Single Test

  1. 1.
    Navigate to your project, locate your test and Click on the Run icon for the desired test WEB test:
2. Choose the agent to run the test on, you should make sure that you have iOS or Android psychical device attached to the selected Agent. If you don't posess a physical device you can use iOS simulator that comes with XCode or Android Emulator provided with Android studio or Genymotion.
3. Select the Mobile Tab and the browser from the selected connected device (physical or emulators).

Running a Job

  1. 1.
    Create an Android/IOS Job.
2. Select the Agent and the Device on which the Job will be executed on.
3. Drag the web tests inside of the Job.
4. Execute the job, the tests will run on the native browser which is installed on the device automatically.