Element Management

Elements are a key part of test automation. There are a few ways to find and use elements in TestProject. However, over time you can quickly end up with many different elements and it becomes important to be able to manage those elements well. There are ways to manage your elements in TestProject. If you open a project you can click on the elements menu option in the left navigation panel to see and manage the elements associated with that project.
Element Management
From there you can organize your elements into folders for easier management.
Element Folders
As you create test elements that you use will automatically be stored here for easy management, but you can also manually add elements from this page if you know their ID.
Adding New Elements
One other important aspect of managing elements is the search functionality. To search for elements, merely type in a search for the element you want.
Element Search
The search for this will be scoped to the folder you are currently in. So if you search at the root level it will search all the elements in your project, but if you navigate into a folder that you have created, the search will only look for elements in that folder.