Setup TestProject with Azure DevOps Pipelines by using Web Hooks

Learn how to integrate TestProject with Microsoft Azure Pipelines.
To achieve CI/CD process and run TestProject automation as part of your pipeline in Azure DevOps environment follow the next steps
In Azure, go to your project settings, from there navigate to Service hooks, and proceed to Create a subscription. Here, select the Web Hooks service in order to provide event communication via HTTP, and hit next.
In the Trigger section, you can choose when to execute the test. We will choose release created, to trigger the test to execute when the release is done. In the Filters section, you can choose a pipeline. In case you already have a pipeline set up for TestProject, you can just select it and hit Next.
In case you do not, you will need to create one. You can see a guide on how to set up your pipeline in this video:
In the Action, next, you will need to provide the API endpoint URL.
The URL should be:{PROJECT_ID}/jobs/{JOB_ID}/run You can get your project and job ID's from the TestProject website. This is how you get your project ID:
And this is how you get your job ID from inside that project:
Your URL should end up looking something like this: You do not need to fill in the Basic authentication username and password, however you will need to fill in the HTTP headers field with your API key, and that key must have access to the project you intend to use. The correct format is: Authorization: {API_KEY}
This is how you can create or find your API key using TestProject: You will need to go to the Integrations section, and into the API tab. From here you will be able to see all available keys or create one.
When creating a key, you can restrict it's access, and in this example it will be restricted to only the project we want to use with the API.
After creating the API key, all you need to do is Copy it:
And your header should be similar to this: Authorization: P1KVqUyasbQRhUumGh71ARi3nauIn6UXNphml3_Itr81
After entering all the details correctly, service hook setup should now be complete. You can hit Test to see if you have done everything properly, and then hit Finish to complete the process.