Report was not uploaded

Error in the report upload - Report was not uploaded
If you encounter an 'Error' message on your test reports instead of seeing the report, please perform the following steps so we can help solve the issue:

1) Quit the TestProject Agent

2) Navigate to:

Open the Start menu, type %appdata%\TestProject\Agent\ and hit enter.
macOS Open Files Finder and choose Go form the top menu, select Go to Folder and type:  ~/Library/Application Support/TestProject/Agent
Linux Navigate to ~/.testproject/agent/ 

3) Zip the following folders:

  • executions
  • executions-backup
  • logs
  • temp
  • workers-executions
  • Reports

4) Zip all the zipped folders inside another zip

5) Share that Zip file with the TestProject team in any preferred channel:
  • (please make sure to send a direct message to one of our representatives)