Mirroring Miscoloration on Android Devices

Steps that need to be taken in case of miscoloration during Android device mirroring.
In case you are experiencing miscoloration while mirroring your Android device on TestProject during recording or mirroring, such as in the following example:
Please follow the steps below.
This tutorial is intended for Android devices that are being used on TestProject through Chromium based browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Also known as Chromium Edge).
  1. 1.
    Navigate to: chrome://flags/#force-color-profile or edge://flags/#force-color-profile based on your browser.
You will see the following page:
2. Select the scRGB liner option from the dropdown list and relaunch the browser:
Afterward, attempt to mirror your device again.
3. (Optional) In case the above option did not resolve the issue, select HDR10 and try again: