Microsoft Teams Webhook integration

Microsoft Teams, webhook, teams, TestProject notifications
To integrate Microsoft Teams Web Hooks on TestProject you will need to follow this quick and easy to set-up article.


1) TestProject account (Admin):
If the webhook is already configured user privileges will suffice.
Admin - configuring the webhook
2) Teams account:
Admin or sufficient privileges to add connectors.

Steps on Teams:

1) Add a Connectors from context menu --> Connectors:
2) Add "Incoming Webhook":
3) Add:
4) Click "Connectors" one more time:
5) Choose "Configure":
6) Enter the required details and Copy URL Link:
Steps on TestProject (Admin):
If you are a user ask your admin to create a Teams Web Hook and skip to steps 3-4.
1) go to Integrations --> Web Hooks + Slack --> Add Web Hook:
2) Add all the Required information:
3) You are now ready to add this Webhook to the job notifications, you can do it from here:
4) Choose the created WebHook:
Now everything is set and ready, a TestProject notification looks like this: