Discord Webhook integration

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To integrate Discord Web Hooks to TestProject you will need to follow this quick and easy to set-up article.


1) TestProject account (Admin):
If the webhook is already configured user privileges will suffice.
Admin - configuring the webhook
2) Discord account:
Admin or sufficient permissions to manage Webhooks.
Steps on Discord:
1) Create a text channel (or use '#general')
2) Click on channel settings (Edit Channel)
3) Go to the Integrations tab and click on create Webhook
4) Give your Webhook a name, select the channel and click on save changes, and then copy the URL
Steps on TestProject (Admin):
If you are a user asked by your admin to create a Discord Web Hook and skip to steps 3-4.
1) Navigate to your TestProject account, click on Web Hooks + Slack settings under the Integrations tab
2) Add a Web Hook give it a name and past the URL taken from Discord webhook
3) You are now ready to add this Webhook to the job notifications, you can do it from here:
4) Choose the created WebHook:
Now everything is set and ready, a TestProject notification looks like this: