"Your connection is not private" solution on Chrome

In this article i will show how you can obtain the Root CA and add to trusted root CA authorities
Some websites (especially ones under development) can be seen by google chrome as potentially harmful, like shown here
In this case, you might not be able to record or execute tests on the platform! in this article, i will show you how to authorize the websites on your machine so you can carry on with your tests. I will use as an example.
Navigate to the website with untrusted certificate, and click on the "Not Secure" label next to the URL:
Click on Certificate
Switch to the last tab - Certification Path, and you should see a certificates chain tree, choose the first one (not he 2nd one selected).
Click on View certificate, switch to the details tab and click copy the certificate to file.
Then click next, and select the first option:
Then click browse and create the file to output to, then hit next:
Now double click the new file and follow the instructions:
Now choose the Trusted Root Certification Authorities via browse button:
Click next, then finish, windows will ask you in you are sure, agree.
Now simply restart Chrome with chrome://restart:
And you should be good to go!